Skyrise Fees

How much does it cost to participate in Houston Skyrise Basketball?

The base fee to participate varies from year to year. The amount returning families contribute may be different from families that are new to the program. The reason for this is the cost for uniforms which some teams choose to use in their second season and their team fundraising.

What does the cost cover?

The cost covers, gym rental, tournament entry fees, registration and other organizational service fees.

Skyrise General

What is Houston Skyrise Basketball?

Houston Skyrise a basketball program that plays season long girls basketball. Our teams are generally broken down by grade level. Houston Skyrise is a step above the Youth Leagues. We train all our players to be a step above but at times, it is not made for every player. We have tryouts to determine teams and we cut way more players than we keep. But those we cut we love to train and develop to become competetive. Our seasons are quite tough and rigorous and many players are not always ready for it. With that in mind, we often suggest players to go through a development program to help them get ready for the Houston Skyrise season.

How long is the Houston Skyrise season?

Houston Skyrise has two seasons. We have a spring ball and fall ball. The spring season has tryouts in January and February which is followed by team formation. The teams typically get together in late February or March and play through June/July. In June, the teams tune up to prepare for July's most competitive events. In the fall, teams go back to the basice of strength and conditioning. Most are playing in their middle/high scholl ball. General play is from August to November.

Who coaches the Houston Skyrise Teams?

Housotn Skyrise coaches are highly qualified. We do background checks on each coach. We have experience coaches for all levels of play. There are former high school and collegiate players to middle and high school coaches. Some have played on the professional level. We do our best not to have "Dads" or "Moms" as team coaches but they some times will for the love of the game. We would rather they enjoy watching their children. Each teams coach is the same coach all season.

How are the players choosen?

We start with tryouts which are open for anyone. We that they be ready to work because playing basketball is tough! We want players to come to several tryouts to see how they work with different players and to find the best fit.

How many players are there on a team?

To maximize team development we strive for a maximum of 10 players per team. This may not always happen due to limited players at a grade level and more than 12 players might be a strain on the team.

Where does Houston Skyrise Practice?

Houston Skyrise teams practice at locations in the Houston and surrounding areas. Team coaches have designated practice schedules and locations. Contact the Nolan Capra at njcrockets@yahoo.com for additional information.

How do I sign up for an AAU membership?

Every player and participant must have an AAU membership. Before participating on a Houston Skyrise Team, participating in training sessions or other HOuston Skyrise events, each player must present a current AAU membership card.
To purchase your Athlete Membership Click Here to create an account and fill out the athlete membership application. For any other AAU questions Click Here.

Skills and Development

Why should I sign my child up for training?

Training is designed to help your child improve their game through skills development, repitition of drills, game situations, and physical training. We structure our training to generally keep ages together, but skill levels are often mixed. Training is not designed to be fun. The coaches are mostly former players who know what level of commitment it takes and so the training is pretty intense.

Why should I sign my child up for league play?

League play allows players to develop the train they have aquired. It is for players looking to get court time with different types of teammates each week. Leagues have players of all skill levels in it. The coaching is more intense than most youth leagues and focuses strongly on the players improving more than simply winning a game. It allows for players to grow.

I am interested in individual and small group training. Can you please offer some information?

We offer group training sessions open to everyone several times throughout the year. Refer to out Registration Page for Training Sessions. The schedule for individual or private group sessions are listed there. Find the day/week the session is available.


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