Outline For the Year

We will incorporate high level workouts all year around broke up into Pre-season, In-season, and Post-season workouts, to develop athletes to compete at an elite level year around. The frequency and intensity of workouts will develop player’s all-around game to be able to compete at the highest level in the basketball circuit. We will throughout the year vow to try to get the best out of each player to get them to a place where they will have an opportunity to compete at the next level. We are not preparing athletes for recreational purposes, we are preparing them to be next level scholars and athletes.


Expectations for Parents

  1. Positively support your child academically and athletically.

  2. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. YOU ARE BEING RECRUITED TOO!

  3. Help your daughter win with class and lose with dignity.

  4. Model responsibility, integrity, and accountability.

  5. Maintain realistic expectations for your child. YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN!

  6. If you have issues with a coach concerning problems on the court, your daughter must notify the coach and speak with the coach before the coach talks with the parent about an issue. This is only fair to your daughter in teaching them how to communicate when adversity may hit.

  7. Respect and maintain a mutual respect with coaches at all times.

Expectations for Players

  1. Represent our program with class and great sportsmanship at all times.

  2. Be responsible for yourself and your teammates on and off the court.

  3. Win with class and lose with dignity.

  4. Practice a strong worth ethic and make full commitment to the team.

  5. Learn all defensive and offensive positions. YOU ARE NOT A POSITION YOU ARE A PLAYER!

  6. *All players are required to make at least 2 workouts a month in the post/pre-season months, if NOT you will be required to take a physical fitness test to ensure you are prepared to endure the level of play. You will be required to take it the week prior to the first week of practice; if you do NOT pass (at the coaches discretion) you may not be allowed to play in the first tournament of the season. At home workouts will be provided as well. (Talk to coaches for necessary arrangements).*

  7. Respect ALL parents, coaches, and players within the organization.


Expectations of Coaches

  1. Represent the program with class, professionalism, and sportsmanship at all times.

  2. Respect all players, coaches, and parents within the organization at all times.

  3. Be prompt for everything (10-15 minutes early to all practices), be (45 minutes - 1 hour) early to every game.

  4. Be attentive to the players at practice, tournaments, in traveling, and at hotels.

  5. Help players on and off the court.

  6. Bring their best effort in everything they do, maintain a great work ethic.


Game Day Expectations (Preparation is Key).

  1. In-Season all players are expected to attend practices a minimum of 2 times a week.

  2. If you miss one day of practice, (excused - notification was sent to the coach prior to missing practice), (at the discretion of the coach), your time on the court may be limited.

  3. If you miss practice the entire week, (at the discretion of the coach), your time on the court may be limited for the entire tournament or may result in no play for an entire game.

  4. Players and coaches are to arrive 45 minutes - 1 hour prior to their game. If a player is running late they must notify the coaches, teammate or team parent just in case. (Text messages, Calls, and voicemail).

  5. All players must sit together on the court they are playing, when they arrive to the gym.

  6. During the 3rd and 4th quarter the players need to be stretching, or going through pre-game drills to prepare for play.

  7. After the game you must report to the designated spot your coach instructs you to before talking with parents or leaving, unless you previously discussed this with your coach. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JUST LEAVE.


Bench Decorum


This is important because college coaches evaluate EVERYTHING you do.

  1. You are not allowed to talk/interact with anyone in the stands while on the bench or in the game besides your teammates and coaches.

  2. If a timeout is called you are not allowed to walk to the huddle, same apply if your coach pulls you out of the game or call you into the game.

  3. No slouching our pouting on the bench, your demeanor is everything.

  4. If a coach is talking or giving instructions, you are to be ALL EYES AND EARS, at all times.

  5. Talking back, gestures of disrespect to anyone on or off the court is NOT tolerated.




Pre-Season Months

[November, December, January, February]

These workouts are geared toward getting in game shape and developing a competitive atmosphere and mental toughness to sustain during the course of a high level of play. These workouts will consist of strength, agility, footwork, conditioning, finishing with and through contact, all created to be much more adverse than any possible game situation. Workouts will be on and off the court so bring basketball shoes and track shoes during these months, and most importantly a mentality to be the best you can be. All players will be required to have jump ropes with them at every workout. There will also be a mix of on court developmental drills to develop the skill set of all players. “Great players are in great shape, NOT good shape.” This is a next level program, geared for the next level player.


In-Season Months

[March, April, May, June, July]

Workouts will be on the court only, and more court/team specific. While the workout types will shift, the intensity will not. These workouts will be geared toward team offensive, and defensive concepts, roles of each member, establishing the playing style, and how to play together as a TEAM. There will be a reduction in on court conditioning, but it will still remain to sustain the player’s level of play during these months. This will allow players to integrate the skills learned, and competitive edge developed in the pre-season months, to be incorporated into a game and team setting.

Post-Season Months

[August, September, October]

These months are NOT off season, while it is a period where the players are given to recover from an intense year and leading back into their respective elementary/middle/high school seasons, we do not stop working. These workouts will be all on court and involve strictly on court conditioning and specific drills to help better the IQ of players. Such as passing off the dribble and making a one handed push pass, reading the defense off a pick and roll, understanding angles on the floor, etc. This is a vital part of the process to developing your understanding for the game.

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