Houston Skyrise is actively seeking parents for the following committees:

  • Club Grievance Committee

  • Team Mom Planning

  • Coaches Round Table

  • Season Scheduling


Become our Chairperson


Having a committee chair makes a big difference in the types of programs implemented, how they are organized, and managed. We are looking for people who can lead our committees effectively and efficiently and can commit 5 hours a month to Houston Skyrise. 


If you have volunteered to lead a committee, thank you! You are one of the workhorses in the Skyrise Nation. Without you and other committee leaders, our organization would never be able to meet and exceed challenges every year. The most successful organizations have strong committees led by competent and dedicated volunteers. Strong officers might keep the group on track, but strong committees get the work done along the way.


The primary duty of the committee chair is to guide the group’s discussions. He/she should encourage every member to participate in the meetings and keep the discussion focused on the matter at hand. Meetings should start and end as scheduled and the agenda should be followed.

The chair is also responsible for encouraging opportunities for interactions between the members. Committee members should be provided the opportunity to get to know each other.

There are two main roles on the committee, Chairperson and Committee Members. You may find the list below helpful as it explains briefly what each role does, along with some duties that are common to all committee members. The tasks should be shared between members, so all the work need not fall on any one person.



  • Represents and acts as a spokesperson for the committee.

  • Chairs committee meetings.

  • Sets the agenda for meetings together with the Secretary.

  • Co-ordinates the work of the committee to ensure effective administration.

  • Acts as the ‘Nominated Person’ for relaying committee results to the organization.

Committee Member

  • The people who will help resolve issues for the entire organization.

  • Somewhat knowledgeable in the area of the committee’s responsibility.

  • Diverse group without being incompatible.

  • Top of the organizational pyramid and it should be clear that any, even small, improvements at this level will trickle down and benefit the entire organization.


Simple Meeting Management


Meetings probably still are the main contributing factor to the success or failure of a committee. The success of any committee requires an understanding of this basic principle. That purpose needs to be clearly articulated so that all members understand and you can work collectively to achieve it. Every committee needs a purpose. If you do not know what you are trying to accomplish, or have no purpose, then your committee is unlikely to succeed. Committees are an integral part of every successful organization. A committee with a clear purpose, a well-informed leader and dedicated members is on its way toward success.


Besides a purpose, people are a key ingredient in any committee. If your purpose can be accomplished by one or two people without a group, then you don't need a committee. If accomplishing your purpose requires a group, then you require a committee made up of the right people and the right processes and procedures..

Shared responsibilities for all Committee Members


  • Act in the best interests of the team and organization.

  • Work as part of a team with the others; whilst bringing their own ideas, perspectives and experiences to the committee.

  • Attend committee meetings and contribute to the effective management of the team and organization.

  • Contribute to the decision-making process of the committee.

  • Work to set priorities.

  • Ensure all committee members have clearly identified roles and responsibilities.

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